Saturday, September 10, 2005

Don't let a teenager drive your car

I am about to lose my mind. I let the Improviser use my car. He just called and said, "You know how you are always telling me to lock the car...." Well, now he is trying to improvise a way to open it while the keys are inside. *Screams* I know that this doesn't seem like a big deal. But, this car is the replacement of the one he had stolen from him back in April. He was trying to do a good deed and give someone a ride. Mistake. They stole the car from him. Luckily, he wasn't harmed and he learned a valuable lesson. But, ever since, I have had a hard time letting him use my car. So, I reluctantly let him use it tonight to go to a going away party for his best friend who leaves for bootcamp tomorrow. And what does he do, he locks the keys in it. This poor child. It seems that everytime he tries to do something, something goes wrong. He has a heart of gold and tries really, really hard. But, it seems the harder he tries, the more that things go wrong. He felt bad enough when my Explorer was stolen. He had to call me at 11:30 on the first night of my vacation in the Bahamas to tell me. Plus, he had finally convinced his 2 brothers to let him trade in the PS2 for an Xbox. He never made it home with it. His brothers gave him hell. Patience Mom, patience. I can't go help him because I DON'T HAVE MY CAR. and I don't have a spare key. Mom gets lashes for that. I haven't had a spare made yet.----He just called back. They got into the car. He said, "It looked real good, we were all standing around with flashlights and a slimjim." He said he is going to stop at Wally World on the way home and have a key made. Gotta love him.