Monday, September 12, 2005

My Grandmother's Stories

I am going to be doing a weekly post on My Grandmother's Stories. My Grandma Edie is an awesome woman at 91. She has lived a wealth of life. I love her stories and I want to write them down so they will never be forgotten. She has lived all of her life in central PA. She was the tenth of 14 children. She has been widowed twice. Raised my mother, her only child. Worked in factories and supported her family because my Grandfather Paul (her first husband) was stricken with MS and then died when my mother was 20. She is an incredible woman with a strong will which has shocked people on more than one occasion since she is only about 4'10" (or less). And always a lady, through and through. She told me once that she didn't have much to leave me. When I said all I wanted were her stories, she said, "Oh, I have plenty of those."